Call For Abstracts

With 13 topics covered, this conference offers a comprehensive look at corrosion issues across multiple industries challenging the East Asia and Pacific area markets.

NACE is currently accepting abstracts for the conference on the following topics. Please see below on how to submit an abstract within one of the topics.

Interpreter service is available. Japanese language sessions will be accepted for Japanese speakers for the following sessions:

  • Infrastructure (Management)
  • General Coatings
  • Cathodic Protection

Submission Schedule:

Abstracts Due: February 22, 2019
Author Notification: February 28, 2019
Poster Session Abstracts Due: May 31, 2019
Draft Papers Due: April 30, 2019
Final Papers Due: July 31, 2019
Presentations Due: October 20, 2019

Special Sessions

Infrastructure (Management)

Chair: Shigenobu Kainuma (Kyushuu University)
Vice Chair: Yasuo Kitane (Nagoya University)

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Nuclear Corrosion

Chair: ShunichiSuzuki (The University of Tokyo)
ViceChair: Taku Arai (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

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Corrosion Science

Chair: Eiji Tada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Vice Chair: Koji Fushimi (Hokkaido University)

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Cost of Corrosion

Chair: Tadashi Shinohara (National Institute for Materials Science)
Vice Chair: Gen Nakayama (IHI)

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Poster Session

Chair: Nobuyoshi Hara (Tohoku University)
Vice Chair: Yasunori Tanji (Tokyo Insistute of Technology)
Vice Chair: Koji Takewaka (​Kagoshima University)

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Corrosion Engineering Sessions

Atmospheric Corrosion

Chair: Hideki Katayama (National Institute for Materials Science)
Vice Chair: Teruhisa Tatsuoka (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings)

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General Coatings

Chair: Masayuki Yokota (Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.)
Vice Chair: Kentaro Mizushima (JGC Corporation)

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Cathodic Protection

Chair: Fumio Kajiyama (Tokyo Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd. Engineering Department)
Vice Chair: Masami Suzuki (The Nippon Corrosion Engineering Co., Ltd.)

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Chemical Treatment Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

Chair: Shinichi Takasaki (Venture Academia Co., Ltd.)
Vice Chair: Masatoshi Kato (Katayama Nalco Inc.)

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Industry Sessions

Oil & Gas

Chair: Keizo Hosoya (JGC Corporation)
Vice Chair: Takuya Hara (Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Matal)

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Process Industry

Chair: Masahiro Nakahara (Asahi Kasei Corporation)
Vice Chair: Takao Ohtsu (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)

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Marine Corrosion

Chair: Hiroshi Iwamoto (Japan Marine United Corporation)
Vice Chair: Naoki Osawa (Osaka University)

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Transportation (Automobile)

Chair: Sakae Fujita (JFE Techno-Research Corporation (JFE-TEC))

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Corrosion in Combustion Gas Environments

Chair: Yuuzou Kawahara (GeT solutions Co., Ltd.)
Vice Chair: Yuuji Fukuda (MHPS Co., Ltd.)

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