Technical Program

Important Dates:

Final Papers Due: July 31, 2019

Presentations Due: October 20, 2019

Preconference Workshop

Workshop on Effective and Economical Internal Corrosion Control Strategies

Speaker: Dr Sankara Papavinasam, President of CorrMagnet Consulting Inc.

NACE EAPA Conference 2019 offers a preconference workshop that will introduce strategies to control internal corrosion and discuss how to use them in making design and maintenance decisions to control internal corrosion.

Registration Fee

NACE Member: $250
Nonmember: $300

Registration for the Preconference Workshop is available when you register to the conference.

Special Sessions

Infrastructure (Management)

Chair: Shigenobu Kainuma (Kyushuu University)
Vice Chair: Yasuo Kitane (Nagoya University)

Nuclear Corrosion

Chair: ShunichiSuzuki (The University of Tokyo)
ViceChair: Taku Arai (Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

Poster Session

Chair: Nobuyoshi Hara (Tohoku University)
Vice Chair: Yasunori Tanji (Tokyo Insistute of Technology)
Vice Chair: Koji Takewaka (​Kagoshima University)

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Corrosion Science

Chair: Eiji Tada (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Vice Chair: Koji Fushimi (Hokkaido University)

Cost of Corrosion

Chair: Tadashi Shinohara (National Institute for Materials Science)
Vice Chair: Gen Nakayama (IHI)

Corrosion Engineering Sessions

Atmospheric Corrosion

Chair: Hideki Katayama (National Institute for Materials Science)
Vice Chair: Teruhisa Tatsuoka (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings)

General Coatings

Chair: Masayuki Yokota (Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.)
Vice Chair: Kentaro Mizushima (Kansai Paint Co., Ltd.)

Cathodic Protection

Chair: Fumio Kajiyama (Tokyo Gas Pipeline Co., Ltd. Engineering Department)
Vice Chair: Masami Suzuki (The Nippon Corrosion Engineering Co., Ltd.)

Chemical Treatment

Chair: Shinichi Takasaki (Venture Academia Co., Ltd.)
Vice Chair: Masatoshi Kato (Katayama Nalco Inc.)

Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion

Chair: Yasuyuki Miyano (Akita University)
Vice Chair: Satoshi Wakai (JAMSTEC)

Industry Sessions

Oil & Gas

Chair: Keizo Hosoya (JGC Corporation)
Vice Chair: Takuya Hara (Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Matal)

Process Industry

Chair: Masahiro Nakahara (Asahi Kasei Corporation)
Vice Chair: Takao Ohtsu (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)

Marine Corrosion

Chair: Hiroshi Iwamoto (Japan Marine United Corporation)
Vice Chair: Naoki Osawa (Osaka University)

Corrosion in Combustion Gas Environments

Chair: Yuuzou Kawahara (GeT solutions Co., Ltd.)
Vice Chair: Yuuji Fukuda (MHPS Co., Ltd.)